Passion for pirates

There were cries of; “Ahoy me hearties” and "shiver me timbers” at Durrington Infant School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, recently.

Year 2 pupils swapped their school uniform for pirate costumes to celebrate the end of this term's topic all about pirates. 

“The children have been comparing people from the past,” said class teacher, Jodie Scott. “They have learnt about continents, map skills, language and the meaning of flags.”

Over the last six weeks the youngsters have baked pirate biscuits, made sea animal themed collages, and made their own pirate sloops, discovering how many cannons the vessels hold before they sink. 

Seven year old pupil Elijah said: “This has been the best day of Year 2 so far.”

Teacher, Jodie Scott said: “I really enjoy our topic dress-up days. The children and the parents pull-out all the stops and it is fantastic to see the children engaged in activities and having a fantastic time.”

Next term the children will be learning about the great fire of London. They’ll be inviting in guests to talk to the class including a fire safety officer and a baker.