Eat like an Egyptian

Class 3 pupils at St. Michael's spent the day learning all about the Ancient Egyptians recently. 

All the children dressed up as people from this era and took part in a wide variety of activities through the day.

First the children made Egyptian style date bread by carefully measuring the ingredients, mixing and kneading the dough and shaping before their creations were baked. Next they chopped cucumber and mint leaves to make an Egyptian dip.

While waiting for their bread to raise and bake, the class investigated and completed the technique which was believed to be used to draw out the base of the pyramids. The children used string and chalk to draw intercepting circles which allowed them to draw a perfect right-angle.  

In the afternoon the children composed pyramid shaped music. They used a variety of instruments to create a texture of sound in the shape of a pyramid. After creating and listening to each other's performances, the children deserved an Egyptian feast of their delicious date bread and dip, melon slices and figs, all food enjoyed during the Ancient Egyptian times.

The children finished their day by learning and playing the game Senet. A board game found in Egyptian tombs, where players compete to get their figures safely to the afterlife first.

 'My favourite part of the day was...everything,” said Class 3 pupil, Casey. “I loved eating the Egyptian food and making the date bread. I enjoyed composing the music. I loved it all.”

Fellow pupil Lewis agreed it was an amazing day. “My favourite part was making and eating the bread.”