Winchester Science

Pupils from Class 1 at St Michael’s Primary School in Figheldean spent a day at the Winchester Science Centre recently.

During the visit the children, who are learning about space in school, enjoyed exploring over 100 different hands on science exhibits, eating their lunch under the stars and spending the afternoon learning about the solar system in the planetarium.

“We had such a fantastic day; the children spent the morning investigating and exploring lots of different exhibits. The children were filled with awe and wonder,” said Cheryl Jackson, Class teacher.

“I really enjoyed having a go at all the different activities, I especially liked the boats, when we had to use the fans to make them sail,” said Class 1 pupil Jess

The Planetarium was a big hit with Mia. “It was really fun sitting it the big chairs and watching the film on the ceiling.”

Leon’s favourite part was playing with the parachutes. “I enjoyed seeing how high they flew in the wind tunnel.”