Farm to Fork

Children from St Michael’s Primary School in Figheldean visited a local supermarket recently to find out how food gets from the farm to the shop shelves.  

The Class 1 students, who have been learning about food in school this term, were given a guided tour of the shop visiting the bakery, grocery and produce departments. The youngsters spoke to people who worked in the different departments and learnt about where each of the different types of food comes from. 

“The trip was really interesting and helped consolidate what we have been learning in class,” said teacher, Cheryl Jackson. “All members of staff at Tesco in Tidworth were really informative and answered any questions the children had. They made each stop on the tour exciting and gave the children the opportunity to see behind the scenes.”

Watching the baker make the bread was the highlight for Class 1 pupil Jessica. “I liked smelling the yeast they put into the bread.”

“My favourite thing about the trip was trying all the different food, we had fruit, vegetables, cheese and bread. My favourite thing to eat was the blueberries,” said Class 1 pupil, Ruby. 

 “I enjoyed learning more about our food and where it came from and how it got to Tesco,” said Class 1 pupil, Rupert.