Moors Valley Park trip

All pupils and teachers from St Michael’s Primary School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, spent the day at Moors Valley Country Park recently.

As a celebration of a successful school year at St Michael’s, the PTA funded a whole school trip to the park. 

The children spent the day exploring the woodland grounds and following the play trail. It consists of large wooden structures that let the children explore inside a giant ‘ants nest’, wriggle through giant snakes in the ‘snake pit’, attempt the ‘crocodile crossing’ and balance on the fallen forest of ‘timber.’

“The trip gave the children the chance to work together to complete the trail, their team work, encouragement and perseverance was outstanding. It was fabulous to be outside, under the tree altogether as the St Michael’s family and having fun! It is such a pleasure and privilege to work in such a lovely community and we are all so grateful for our hardworking PTA who made this trip possible,” said Nicky Phillips, Principal.

 Class 4 pupil, Phebe said the best part of the play trail for her was ‘the house of Baba Yaga’. “There was so much we could do, there was lots of music stations inside where we could explore music using nature.”

Fellow pupil, Casey from Class 3 said his favourite part of the play trail was the snake pit. “I could climb up high and jump off. I really liked being able to spend time with the younger children as it doesn’t happen often.”

Having an ice cream was one of the highlights of Class 1 pupil Cameron’s day. “I really liked the crocodile crossing, it was really tricky but the bigger children could help me if I was stuck. The ice creams at the end were really yummy too!”