It's great outdoors!

Pupils from Class 4 of St Michael’s Primary School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, left their classroom to learn some outdoor skills recently.

The children learnt skills to help them survive in the outdoors, such as lighting fires, making roasting forks, leaf printing and making bread dampers. 

“We enjoyed the entire day in the woods, and even learned which leaves are useful to wash your hands with,” said class teacher, Lucy Lafferty. “The children were all so engaged with their activities, you could tell how much fun they were having by the expression on their faces.”

The children who took part agreed it was a fun day. 

 “My favourite part of the day was making leaf bunting. It was magic how the leaf printed onto the muslin, said Class 4 student, Kieran. 

His fellow pupil Mia said she enjoyed making the fire. “It was satisfying when I was able to use the flint to make a spark which then started the flame.”

Principal of St Michael’s, Nicky Phillips, said that outdoor learning is important for children as they are learning new skills whilst enjoying being outside in the natural world. 

“Children enjoy the space and freedom to learn and develop new skills. The day clearly provided challenges and encouraged perseverance, collaboration and resilience. It was also an opportunity to see children's strengths that might not always be visible in the classroom environment.”