Pupils' poems published

A group of pupils from Bulford St Leonard’s primary school, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, have had their poems published.

The Year 5 pupils took part in a 'Young Writers' competition and their poems have been selected to appear in the book of poetry. The theme of the poems was dream.

“I am so pleased that my work got into the book,” said 11 year old William McCluskey.  “It makes me want to write more and hopefully I will have more work published. I am definitely going to do the competition again this year,” he said.

Kieran Desroches  was in Year 5 when he wrote his poem about meeting a dragon. 

I met a little dragon
he said his name was Steve
he said he saw the monster
all covered in seaweed

He took me up a mountain
to the jagged, spikey top
he showed me to his cave
and that is where we stopped

I asked his what's for dinner
he offered steak or fish,
I was happy with the menu
so plated up a big dish

He flew me home to bed
to my tiny little shed
I said thanks for the adventure
and he said goodnight Ted